CaseMate iPhone XS/X Karat Petals Case


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Everyone loves flowers, so why not have them in your hands at all times?! Introducing the NEW Karat Petals collection. Delicately dried genuine flowers with beautiful metallic elements are encased in clear resin, giving this case an elegant twist. Each case contains real flowers, therefore no two designs are exactly the same, making this piece even more unique.

  • Anti-scratch technology
  • Refined metallic buttons
  • Metallic elements
  • Dried genuine flowers
  • Anti-scratch technology
  • Lifetime warranty

Height 5.65 inches
Width 2.79 inches
Depth 0.3 inches
Weight 2.47 ounces
Screen Protector Included No
Case Materials Polycarbonate, Other
Defining Features •No two cases are alike •Dried genuine flowers •Metallic foil elements •Refined metallic buttons •Two-piece construction with a shock absorbing bumper •Anti-scratch technology •Military strength impact protection